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SSoft Solutions Company is a India's leading MLM software solution provider for small to corporate level MLM business companies across the world. We offer MLM software development for domestic as well as international clients by integrating the best and unique features in our Online Therefore,

As well as we are provide a Android, Web, Mobile Development and Designing. Our extensive communication facilities allow us to keep in touch with our customers 24 hours a days. .

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SSoft Solutions of professional personnel locally and internationally We have experienced in the developing of MLM software for business idea(s) and providing added-value services to our various clients in the Multi-Level Marketing Industry across the world with an outstanding service delivery.

Plans Of MLM Software

Key Features Of MLM software

E-Wallet is a cloud-based storage medium for keeping information for E-money transactions avoiding entering user data each time of a transaction. E-wallet ensures the E-commerce transactions rapidly and safely.

In MLM Software systems E-wallet act as a virtual account where the member can make transactions with the amount available in the account.

MLM Software provides inbuilt high end E-wallet option. Be sure that you select the best MLM Software with a decent E-Wallet framework for your MLM Company.

All the money is transfers to E-Wallet which can be used for different types of activities like purchasing of E-Pin, Transferring the funds top downline and making the payments or soon.

This should be the most important feature of MLM Software should have Payment processing is the most important thing in MLM Business, so a MLM Software should contain a simple and secure money transaction system.

For secure and comfort for the business, all MLM Companies are following a Genuine High-yield investment program (HYIP) alongside integrating their business process in web with the help of MLM Software .

MLM Software is included with the latest automatic payment processing methods. World famous payment gateways including ePDQ-Barclaycard and authorize.

netare included along with the existing payment options including PayPal, credit card, E-pin and E-Wallet.

E-commerce is the dealing products and services by companies and customers over the internet by using electronic devices.

is one of the most important feature in every online business software. MLM Software is also comes under in that list.

The MLM Software is advantaged with the E-commerce integration. E-commerce integration will help you to get the benefit of the online purchases and services.

MLM Software is integrated with Well known E-commerce solutions including Opencart and Magento.

Customer support is another important factor in MLM Software field. MLM Software is integrated with a centralized support system which will handle queries through tickets, web forums, and telephone calls.

The system will set up tickets for the queries as per the importance of the query and check the status.

Which also have predefined solutions and self-help options in which the user can find out the solutions for the frequently asked queries. And our support system included with more features like Email notifications.

canned responses, file attachments, time spent on tickets, reply and article rating, SPAM prevention, reports, multi-language and more.

MLM plans are the most important aspect of a multi level marketing business opportunity so as in an MLM Software also.

The software has more More MLM plan support means more genuine the software is, MLM software supports a couple of various MLM plans including binary MLM plan.

matrix plan, unilevel plan, board plan, Australian x-up plan, party plan, MLM Gift plan and more. MLM Software is prepared for implementing.

clients ideas and new MLM ideas into MLM Software Read more about MLM plans and features here.

E-pins are one of the most secure ways of a transaction. Most of the MLM organizations selects E-pin for doing their business transaction through e-pin registration.

In MLM Software E-pins are generated for various purposes including Online Purchase, Online Registration, Sign up, Member Renewal and more.

E-pin is a feature used in most of the MLM Software for pin generation and new member registration using generated E-pin. MLM Software provides high end feature support in E-pin integration with our software.

MLM Software E pin system includes Secured Transaction, Versatile Transactions, and Reporting System features and more.

Website replication is another important add-on in MLM Software . Website replication allows all members to have their own site.

With this each member will have a individual site which will in turn helps for the promotion. MLM Software features with website replication which will allow the clients to market their in a different way.

CMS or Content Management System is one of the most used web technology nowadays. In this era of digital marketing.

we need to up to date on our site in order to get good business through the web. For that we have regularly updated our site contents and options.

CMS makes it easy, MLM Software features.

CMS Website design technology which will help you maintain your website on the go.

For the customers around the world, MLM Software is providing with multi-language support.

Which will give the opportunity of comforts of handling the business in their own language.we provide any language support.

our MLM Software pack as the customers requirement. we are as of now giving language support in English, Deutsch.